Tesla Consulting

Are you thinking about buying a new Tesla car or have you already decided on an electric car?

We have been driving and testing electric cars of all brands for more than ten years, but we prefer Tesla the most.

  • The possibility to analyze your needs and expectations of a new electric car (type, brand, range, battery, autopilot,...)
  • Test drives and parameter comparison
  • Choosing an electric car and buying it
  • Financing Insurance (PZP, HP)
  • Transport to your home
  • Training
  • Tesla Bodyshop service
  • Add-ons for purchase
  • Detailing and paint protection
  • Tesla Club & Owners (events, advice, family - Tesla family)

That is why we are happy to advise you on how to choose your electric car correctly.

If you are interested, please contact us, we will provide detailed information.


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